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Search Chamaecereus

Here you will find several species of Chamaecereus. Crosses of Chamaecereus x Lobivia or Chamaecereus x Echinopsis and a few Hildewintera hybrids which tend to be larger in stem growth than Chamaecereus. Most Chamaecereus are commonly called peanut cactus due to there peanut shaped stems. Columar in growth when young, pendant as they mature they produce many vivid bloom displays spring to fall. In winter they cannot go below freezing but below 50 degrees and you will have an abundance of blooms come spring. There for the most part semi-dormant in winter growing very little and can get reddish stem growth during winter, little water requirements in winter. In spring and summer they take regular fertilizer same as Echinopsis and regular watering.Easy to grow even indoors as long as they get a few hours of bright light each day. They pup easily and form a compact mass over time with blooms produced on each stem.

Amethyst Hildewintera Hybrid Amethyst Hildewintera Hybrid $12.95

Candy Rebutia Cv Candy Rebutia Cv $11.99

Celebration Rebutia Cv Celebration Rebutia Cv $10.99

Chamaecereus Sylvestrii Chamaecereus Sylvestrii $8.99

Chamaecereus Sylvestris Mini Chamaecereus Sylvestris Mini $8.99

Cleistopsis Cleistopsis $18.95

Devon Maid Devon Maid $10.95

Eleanor Rebutia Cv Eleanor Rebutia Cv $12.95

Fire Chief Fire Chief $8.99

Goodson Chamaecereus Hybrid Goodson Chamaecereus Hybrid $15.95

Green Piece Chamaecereus Cv Green Piece Chamaecereus Cv $8.95

Helms Neue Hildewintera Hybrid Helms Neue Hildewintera Hybrid $19.99

Hildewintera Colademononis Hildewintera Colademononis $19.99

Jeans Delight Jeans Delight $8.99

Lollipop Chamaelobivia Lollipop Chamaelobivia $9.99

Memphis Belle Hildewintera Hybrid Memphis Belle Hildewintera Hybrid $15.95

Nahewunder Hildewintera Hybrid Nahewunder Hildewintera Hybrid $19.99

Pink Traisen Hildewintera Hybrid Pink Traisen Hildewintera Hybrid $8.99

Raggar Muffin Raggar Muffin $8.95

Red Hot Chili Poker Red Hot Chili Poker $11.99

Rose Quartz Chamaelobivia Cv Rose Quartz Chamaelobivia Cv $12.99

Strawberry Dream Chamaecereus Hybrid Strawberry Dream Chamaecereus Hybrid $10.99

Traisenblut Traisenblut $11.95

Westfield Alba Westfield  Alba $8.99

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