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Review on

Brasiliopuntia brasiliensis

Brasiliopuntia brasiliensis

Brasiliopuntia brasiliensis
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Succulent species Brasiliopuntia brasiliensis Has small bright yellow blooms that are aprox. 1" up to 2" in diameter. ...(
full description below

Bloom Size: 1 to 2

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Full Description: Succulent species Brasiliopuntia brasiliensis Has small bright yellow blooms that are aprox. 1" up to 2" in diameter. Blooms are numerous on older 2 nd year and older growth. The growth is very unusual in that it has leaves that turn into Opuntia pads by second year then the leaves tend to hang pendant from long canes. The flowers also can emerge from the pads edges but sometimes on the face of the pads also. Long thin spines protrude from older growth pads and later fall off when very old. Eventually the stems gain mass and harden or get woody to add support. Said to grow up to 60ft in Brazil. It needs support when young since the stems are very heavy. The plant also produces fruit after blooming thats green to brown in color with nodules on the exterior that have many hairlike spines. Slow growing when young but picks up steam as it matures. Very unusual growth and a conversation type plant for sure. Likes very bright light but with a break from hot mid-day sun in summer. Can be grown as a houseplant when young. Occasional watering once rooted. Like loose cactus type soil mix. Goes semi-dormant in winter and growth slows. Blooms more than once a year but most profusely after summer growing season or in fall.

Native to : Brazil and parts of Peru and Bolivia. ( Brasiliopuntia Brasiliensis has also become naturalized in Florida among other places, although not native to Florida.

Synonym(s) : Cactus brasiliensis, Opuntia brasiliensis, Opuntia bahiensis, Brasiliopuntia bahiensis, Opuntia schulzii, Brasiliopuntia schulzii, Brasiliopuntia neoargentina, Brasiliopuntia subacarpa.

Common Names : Prickly Pear Cactus, Brazilian Prickly Pear

More Info : Etymology -the name Brasiliopuntia literally means Brazilian Opuntia but this species is not solely from habitat in Brazil as the name might suggest it is found in large areas of South America. This single species B. brasiliensis is the only one classified under Brasiliopuntia and is one of the largest cacti eventually growing up to 66 feet (20m) tall with trunks 14 inches (35cm) in diameter in the wild. With occasional pruning this species can also be kept as a manageable 6 to 8ft. columnar houseplant, if so desired.

Offered as : A 10-12"+ long cane to all mail order locations with several stems-(opuntia like pads attached) 2-3+ pads will be on each cane, each pad can also be rooted. Roots easily. Larger rooted specimens are available for mail order to U.S. locations only or can be picked up at our walk in nursery-click the link below for more info.

Please Note : The plant or cuttings of this plant species were garden cultivated from an old collection and they were not removed from there native habitat.

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( Pictured below is Brasiliopuntia Brasiliensis shown as a 1 gallon sized plant(s) available to U.S. destinations only and examples of large mature 6'ft.+ tall plants ).

Brasiliopuntia Brasiliensis 4

Brasiliopuntia brasiliensis 5 large plant

Brasiliopuntia brasiliensis 6 bloom close up detailed

Established specimen sized 5 gallon size plant(s) may also be available for shipping within the U.S. only or for pick-up as most are very large, so sorry but no international shipping of large plants.

Simply click the link below for info. about our walk-in nursery website, or to check availability and place an order with one of our friendly sales reps. today !

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