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Stapelia gigantica

Stapelia gigantica

Stapelia gigantica
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STAPELIA GIGANTICA (GIANT STAPELIAD) Also commonly called GIANT STARFISH - Has 10"+ diameter blooms, likes simular soil mix as ...(
full description below

Bloom Size: Large to XL

Availability:In Stock

8 To 10 Inches +

Single Price: $8.95

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Price for Two: $13.43

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Full Description: STAPELIA GIGANTICA (GIANT STAPELIAD) Also commonly called GIANT STARFISH - Has 10"+ diameter blooms, likes simular soil mix as Epis-kinda rich it likes fertilizer in warm months, little or no fert in cold months. Blooms from July to Nov. and occassionally at other times (in my climate,bloom times maybe longer shorter depending on your location). Like most Stapelias it has a pungent smell the first day the blooms open to attract insects to reproduce itself, but mainly its only the first day open. The blooms are huge and look like 5" balloons before opening. Easy to root and grow, just change the soil in spring if you want lots of blooms and fertilize when you fertilize your other plants, not a picky plant likes alot of water too except Dec to feb when its resting or semi-dormant, just dont let it go completely dry. The pictures below shows one close up and a full shot to show how it grows, its in a large 24" opening basket to give you an idea of scale/size. The stems can grow even longer but they interfere with other plants i may have beneath it so i cut them off, new shoots emerge laterally from the main stem,self branching and self duplicating but if you want alot give it some help and you will have even more. Almost too easy to grow, doesnt really need maturity to bloom only fert and rootbound helps so many plants in one basket is best. One thing that can kill it- cannot go below freezing! Other than that its foolproof! Really easy to grow. If you remove some early developing buds on each stem leaving only one you can get 12" + blooms too!
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