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Don Burnetts Hybridizing Page

Don Burnett Hybridizer of Epiphyllums

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don burnetts picture epiphyllum collage

‘Don Burnett’s Epiphyllum Hybridizing Page’

Here at ‘Don Burnett’s Epiphyllum Hybridizing Page’ you will see many examples of the wonderful hybrids he has created. Don also would like to share with you his methods of Epiphyllum hybridizing, how to collect and store Epiphyllum pollen, why he chose certain Epiphyllum crosses, how a Epiphyllum hybrid name is chosen, why record keeping is important, Epiphyllum soil mixes he uses and lots of other great info. All from a current top Epiphyllum hybridizer located here in Southern California, U.S.A.

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(Below are just a few examples of Epiphyllum Hybrids created by Don Burnett)
casper don burnett mattslandscape.combeach bum don burnett mattslandscape.comdons antaries don burnett
(Above From Left to Right Are; 'CASPER', 'BEACH BUM' & 'DON'S ANTARIES')

About Don Burnett The Epiphyllum Hybridizer

Don has been growing Epiphyllums and jungle cacti of all kinds for over 35 years here in the southland and been hybridizing for 30 of those. He’s seen over 450 of his seedlings grow from a germinated seed to a full blooming plant. Of coarse not all were good enough to name and register with E.S.A. but along the way he was able to create many amazing Epiphyllum hybrids that were, as the pictures of many of them on this website show.

A long time member of both the Epiphyllum Society of America and the San Diego Epiphyllum Society. Don is most involved with the South Bay Epiphyllum Society mostly due to there nearby location to him. Don also has been a long time volunteer with S.B.E.S., Don has been the S.B.E.S. treasurer every year since 1986.

About The South Bay Epiphyllum Society

The S.B.E.S. Meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month except January. At the South Coast Botanical Gardens. Don invites you to join him at the South Bay Epiphyllum Society meetings & various events.

View Larger Map
Click the map above to get directions to the S.B.E.S. meeting place.

Below is a picture slide show of Don Burnett's Epiphyllum hybrid blooms followed by more varieties on the website.

Queen tatiana don burnett
(Above pictured; 'Queen Tatiana' another amazing Epiphyllum creation from Don Burnett!)

An Award Winning Epiphyllum Hybridizer

With over 30 years experience of Hybridizing Epiphyllums Don has won many awards including ‘Best In Show’ and awards in the ‘Seedling class’. This last 2010 season Don entered around 10 Epiphyllum seedlings and won best in the white and yellow class! Many of Don’s Epiphyllum hybrids are also displayed on the E.S.A. website.

Don Burnett's Hybrids Showcased At E.S.A.

Click any link below to see several of Don’s Epiphyllum hybrids showcased on these E.S.A. website pages below

Don Burnett's Hybrids And There X Crosses

Below are just a few examples of Don Burnett’s outstanding hybrids and the crosses chosen to produce them.

If you crossed say....

'Whatta Dream' X 'Ivan The Terrible'
whatta dream for hybridizing pageIVAN THE TERRIBLE HYBRIDIZING PAGE
(pictured above from left; Epiphyllum Hybrids 'Whatta Dream' & 'Ivan The Terrible')

You could get....

= 'Rumpelstilskin'

rumpelstilskin don burnett
(Above pictured; 'Rumpelstilskin' Hybridized by Don Burnett)

Or you might get....

= 'Mariah'

moriah hybridizing picture
(Above; 'Mariah' Hybridized by Don Burnett)

Below are more Examples of Don Burnett's wonderfull Epiphyllum hyrbids and the crosses made to create them.

cherokee sunset don burnett mattslandscape.comlove potion number nine don burnett oberon don burnett
(Above pictured from Left; 'Cherokee Sunset', Love Potion Number Nine' & 'Oberon')

'Clarence Wright' X 'Rote Feder' = 'Cherokee Sunset'

'Texas Gold' X 'Gold Medal' = 'Love Potion Number Nine-(#9)'

'Beautiful Morning' X 'Gold Medal' = 'Oberon'

epiphyllum marcella don burnett pageepiphyllum pixie dust don burnettepiphyllum instant karma don burnett
(Above pictured from Left; 'Marcella', 'Pixie Dust' & 'Instant Karma')

'Beautiful Morning' X 'Gold Medal' = 'Marcella'

'Spun Gold' X Disocactus macranthus = 'Pixie Dust'

'Punch Bowl' X 'Clown' = 'Instant Karma'

Below is a photo stream of Don Burnett's hybrids
followed by thousands more Epiphyllum hybrids on the website, Enjoy!

With so many varieties of several genera and more added every day heres an easy to use search box for your convienance to find varieties on the website.

What does Don have in the works?

(Below are 2 of his recent crosses as small seedlings)

pink plumes and lola leah seedlings db mattslandscape.commeadowlark and lola leah db
(Pictured above from left; 'Pink Plumes' X 'Casper' & 'Meadowlark' X 'Lola Leah')

And various seedlings ready to bloom for next season
Epiphyllum seedlings 2010 db

Below is an example of a seedling produced from line breeding.

The cross below came from another of Don's creations 'Pixie Dust' which was a cross of ' Spun Gold' X Disocactus macranthus. 'Pixie Dust' was then crossed with 'Ethel Hurst' to produce the Epicactus seedling #37-2 below. This Epicactus seedling produced its first bloom this last year, it now has been duplicated into several plants in one larger pot to determine wheather or not the blooms come true in 1 to 2 years. If confirmed stable Don may name this seedling below.

epiphyllum seedling 37-2 line breeding cross
(Above pictured; Epiphyllum Unnamed Seedling cross #37-2)

How Don Stores Epiphyllum Pollen

Since not all Epiphyllum hybrids bloom at exactly the same time Pollen Storage is one important tool of a master Hybridizer.

Some of the crosses mentioned on this page would have never been possible with out Don storing pollen from one bloom in order to pollinate another at a later time. Don stores his pollen in a clean sheet of paper, folding it over itself in thirds, then paper clipping it and also making sure to write the pollen source (Hybrid or species) it was collected from on the outside of this wrapped up paper. The date the pollen was harvested is also written on the paper. It’s then placed in a clean glass mason type jar. Don then stores this pollen wrapped up in the jar in his work shop refrigerator. Don likes to use the pollen as soon as opportunity makes it possible, but he says the pollen is very viable in the fridge for up to one month if needed. Don says that although Epiphyllum pollen may still be viable after 30 days time the percentages of this pollen still being viable are greatly reduced after 30 days in the refridgerator. Sometimes pollen storage is not required to make a cross since both varieties maybe in bloom at the same time.

Collecting Off-Season bloomer pollen

Trying to cross an in season Epiphyllum bloomer with say an off-season Epiphyllum bloomer would only be possible by storing pollen. Don says since some off-season bloomers may bloom more than once and he might have collected pollen already from the variety, but should the same off-season variety bloom again. He will collect another batch of pollen from this same variety to use the more viable pollen to cross with later.

Don's Epiphyllum Hybrid Names
See how there names were chosen

Below are a few examples of how or why Don chose certain Names for his Epiphyllum hybrids. Some were just brainstorms. Others names might have been from a song on the radio at the time. Another might be named after a family friend or relatives. All kinds of reasons. Some even had there names chosen by Epi friends or fellow growers too like 'Red Shadow'. Some are named after a charecter in a short story. See how a few of these Epiphyllum hybrid names were chosen below.

(Pictured above is Epiphyllum Hybrid 'Caldera'.)

This hybrids name was chosen when Don saw it first bloom. He said to himself this one looks like the inside of a volcano-which is also called in geological terms a Caldera. Put your mouse over the bloom picture to see what Don was thinking when naming this Epi.

rumpelstilskin don burnett

This hybrid had a gold color but many hybrids have the word gold in there name. So Don thought of the story book tale of Rumpelstilskin. Watch the short story about Rumpelstilskin and then you can understand why Don chose this name. Heres a video module to see the Rumpelstilskin fairytale story

epiphyllum marcella bloom db page
(Pictured above is Epiphyllum Hybrid 'Marcella'.)

This hybrid was named after a friends wife whos name is Marcella.

'Love Potion Number Nine'
love potion number nine don burnett
(Pictured above is Epiphyllum Hybrid 'Love Potion Number Nine'.)

This fragrant Epiphyllum hybrid bloomed and Dick Kohlschreiber told Don you should name that one. But what should its name be Don thought? Well later Don was listening to the radio playing this goodie but oldie tune and Don thought thats it! The tune playing was Love Potion Number 9 by the Searchers. Listen to the same tune Don heard on the radio to name this Epiphyllum hybrid by playing the Searchers video below.

epiphyllum blooming souzan db
(Pictured above is Epiphyllum Hybrid 'Souzan'.)

A bright red bloom like fire Souzan is Persian meaning fire.

'The Red Shadow''
epiphyllum the red shadow don burnett
(Pictured above is Epiphyllum Hybrid 'The Red Shadow'.)

This hybrid was created by Don but named by an Epi friend Ken Loomis.

See the story behind 'The Red Shadow' name by clicking this link.

Record Keeping a Hybridizers Friend

Don likes to keep accurate records of all his Epiphyllum & Epicactus crosses and there seedlings in the book pictured below of all the crosses he creates. The book below is organized by giving each cross a file number then each seedling in that cross is given a number on the page(s) of the cross. So as an example cross #36-25 could be 'Punch Bowl' X 'Acapulco Sunset' the #36 being that cross. The cross may have 50 seedlings that germinate example; cross #36- seedlings #1,2,3,4,5..10..25...30..40..all the way to the last seedling in the cross #50. So the cross will be noted on the top of the page with date etc. Along the way some seedlings may die so Don will write VOID on the seedlings line entry. Others that make it and have a nice bloom, those get a SAVE given if worthy or may not.

Below is Dons Record Book of Epiphyllum Crosses
epiphyllum record book db

Below shows a blank form used to begin records of a new cross
epiphyllum hybridizers form db

Record Keeping after a Epiphyllum seedling blooms

Don says that on average from seed germination to first bloom can take from 4 up to 9 years. Record keeping continues after the first bloom since Don may not name a bloom marked SAVE for 2 or 3 years more and keeps records should the Epiphyllum plant later prove unstable, stable or if the bloom color changes, flower form and growth type are also noted. By the time a worthy Epiphyllum seedling has made it threw a second bloom it could have been 9 to 12 years old by the time its finally given a name and eventually registered with E.S.A.

Keeping good records serves many purposes

Common thinking may suggest a Red and a Yellow crossed would produce several Orange seedlings. That may not be the case with some seedlings from a cross, many of those seedlings could instead turn out to be maybe mostly white or even lavender. Or a particular cross may produce a high ratio of unstable growers, so by tracking a cross with several VOIDS on the seedling page lines that Epiphyllum cross may not be desired to duplicate again. A particular flower form of 2 having the desired bloom form are crossed but those may not yield the results a hybridizer wanted either. Maybe 2 fragrant Epiphyllum hybrids chosen do not produce a fragrant seedling bloom at all and so on. Record Keeping helps an Epiphyllum hybridizer better chose future crosses to make.

Pictures of more Epiphyllum Hybrids created by Don Burnett

Epiphyllum michele my belle
(Pictured above; 'Michele My Belle')

epiphyllum epicon IX db
(Pictured above; Epiphyllum 'Epicon IX')

epiphyllum dons chantilly lace
(Pictured above; 'Don's Chantilly Lace')

List of Don Burnett’s Epiphyllum Hybrids
( Coming soon! You will be able to click any hybrid name below for a thumbnail picture or link picture.)
See Don's Soil Mix Recipe

Click the link below to see Don Burnetts Epiphyllum soil mix recipe

With so many varieties and more added every day heres an easy to use search box for your convienance to find varieties on the website.

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