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Postby Dark Fragrance » Sat Nov 06, 2010 11:20 pm

Adeniums grow best under warm, moist and sunny conditions.

TEMPERATURE: There doesn't seem to be a problem at all with high temperature, especially with a concurrent increase in humidity. We typically reach 42 deg C in summer and have kept Adeniums even higher when under low poly without any problems. The flowers will, however, age faster under hot conditions. Reds especially tend to fade rapidly. When combined with low humidity, petal edges may scorch.(we now select for fading and scorch resistant Reds). On the lower side, we get down to an absolute minimum of about 6 deg C at night in winter but days are still warm. For cultivation in temperate countries, a safe minimum should be 10 deg C.

HUMIDITY: Adeniums love high humidity and are at their best during the rains (but protected by plastic cover). They can, however, take low humidity easily and also a certain amount of arid conditions. We have noticed, however, that the variation in flower color etc between clones reduces markedly under dry conditions. Thus we noticed much more variation when plants were grown in coastal Bombay as compared to our present inland location. Humidity is relatively easy to increase so we don't have so much of a problem now as all plants are grown under plastic.

SUNLIGHT: Under most conditions, especially with adequate humidity, Adeniums will take and appreciate as much sun as possible. However, under our very hot summers with low humidity, they prefer shading compound on the plastic-the plastic and the compound probably cut off 25-30% of the intense sun. Under full, hot sun the exposed caudex will sometimes burn if the leaf canopy does not shade it.

The plastic above our Adeniums is sprayed with lime during the summer to reduce both, light intensity and heat. The rains slowly wash away the lime, allowing maximum light in during the cloudy monsoon period.

Also some of the really white variegated Adeniums will scorch under very high light levels and need a little extra shade. To flower well, most Adenium cultivars need at least 4-5 hours of direct sun daily, with bright light during the rest of the day. Such conditions are easily provided in a balcony and outside or just inside an East, West or South facing window. Given less light most will still flower but less frequently and with fewer flowers.

RAIN: A little rain is fine and indeed invigorating for Adeniums. In Bangkok, which gets frequent afternoon showers, Adeniums are grown in the open all year with good results. In Taiwan and with us, however, the monsoon season with continuous rain for days on end will play havoc with Adeniums and leaf and stem as well as caudex rot is frequent. We therefore now grow almost all plants under simple plastic structures which mainly protect plants against the rains.
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