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George French Hybrid Name Origins

George French Hybrid Name Origins

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Sometimes we wonder how hybridizers come up with colorful names to accompany the colorful blooms. In honor of George French, I compiled a list from several people inquiring about the origins of the names associated with George French's hybrids.

(The partial George French Hybrid list below was compiled by Eddie Huey of to show why or how certian names were chosen.)

Note; The list on this page demonstrates how or why a particular hybrid name was chosen by George French. It does not include all the wonderfull varieties George French registered with the Epiphyllum Society Of America. To see this legendary Epiphyllum hybridizer's complete list of hybrids, please follow the link below.

george french smaller picture at SDES sale
George French volunteering at an SDES sale in Nairobi village, San Diego Wild Animal Park, Ca. USA



Alcide: George's father
Billy Boy: George's grandson
Delima: George's mother
Diamond Bill: Named after his son in law's climb to Diamond status in Amway
Flamboyant Jeff: George's son in law
George French: Do you need to ask?
Jennifer Ann: George's granddaughter
Judith Joy: George's daughter
Kathy Jane: George's daughter
Madeline: George's lovely wife Madeline French
Miss Jenny: George's granddaughter
Pop: Suggested by his son in law, for the nickname he calls George
Shawn: George's grandson
Steven: George's grandson



Banbury Boy: A boy who lived on the same street as Vern Hettinger
Chuck and Jerry: The owners of Rainbow Gardens
Daniel: The doctor who George believes saved his life after heart surgeries
Elian: Elian Gonzalez, the 6 year old refugee returned to Cuba
Emma's Delight: Svante Lundquist's daughter
Greg Balvin: A hybridizer
Ilei Gaceu: Ilei Gaceu
Juana: Juana Curtis
Kathleen: Gene Lund's wife
Kirsten Pelleymounter: Named after Allen Pellymounter's mother, who was friends with George and Madeline
Lovely Loni: Loni Ward, Doug Ward's wife
Martha Wenzel: John Wenzel's wife, who was the original owner of
Norwood: Norwood Meiner
Pastor Vern: Vern Hettinger
Princess Eugenie: Named after Jean Gray
Rosa Maria: A little girl who attended SDES meetings
Shannon: Grandchild of Gus and Marge Schlapfer
Susan Lynn: Gus Schlapfer's granddaughter
Svante: Svante Lundquist
Teacher's Pet: An SDES member who was a teacher
Vera Jean: Vera Ward from San Francisco
Vern Hettinger: Vern Hettinger


('AVIANO' but was reg. as 'AVIANA')

Aviano: Aviano Italy, where George stayed in the 1940s
Loma Portal: A location in San Diego
Point Loma: The area in which George has lived for more than 50 years
Red River Valley: Where George grew up in North Dakota
Sunset Cliffs: An area close to Point Loma with amazing sunset vistas
Voltaire: The street that he lives on

Based on Color


Burnt Ginger: Named by the Chapins after the color of the bloom
Crimson Arrow
Mountain Violet
Lemon Delight


autumn pink sm pic 2

Autumn Pink: The time of year it blooms
Honey Dew: Named after the "honey do ranch" associated with Nate and Dorothy Ogdon
March Inn: The time of year it blooms
Misha: Named after his daughter's dog
Sailor's Delight: Named after his son in law's passion for sailing
Sebu: Named after a restaurant in Mission Valley, San Diego
Sizzler: Suggested by Galen Pittman who said that color really sizzles
Swedish Sunrise: Named for the event after Sweden's months of long dark nights.

Clowns (named from Clown X Lady Ruffles crosses)

clown small pic lady ruffles small picAUGUSTES SMALL PIC

Example; 'Clown' X crossed with 'Lady Ruffles' = 'Augustes'

Emmet Kelly

(Thanks go to: Sandra Chapin, Vern Hettinger, Judith Johnson, Jerry Moreau)

© 2009, All rights reserved.
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