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Hylocereus Hybrids also called (Dragon Fruit)

Most of the Hylos listed here are for fruit production-a few are grown for there blooms and have more vivid colors, all are nocturnal blooming (night blooming).There blooms are very large and the backpetal color markings may differ slightly on the fruiting type but most all are white blooms and yellow throats, growth is very simular from one variety to the next with a few exceptions which are noted on each varieties page, but the pulp and fruit sizes vary from small kiwi sized fruit to large melon. Pulp color can be magenta to white and everything in between pink, red, off white etc. many have there own unique texture and flavor.A few are grown for there huge blooms only and are reddish or purple in color.Most like shade at there feet and can grow fine in shade but need full sun at the ends of there stems to bloom/fruit well.They like rich well draining soil.Unlike most Epiphyllums many can be planted in the ground once rooted.
For General Hylocereus care and how to make great food recipes, making wine or even beer using Dragon fruit
With so many varieties and more added every day heres an easy to use search box for your convienance to find varieties on the website

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Alice Dragon Fruit Hybrid Alice Dragon Fruit Hybrid $9.99

American Beauty American Beauty $12.95

Bien Hoa Red Bien Hoa Red $12.95

Bien Hoa White Bien Hoa White $11.99

Bruni Bruni $10.95

Capistrano Valley Capistrano Valley $15.95

Cebra Dragon Fruit Hybrid Cebra Dragon Fruit Hybrid $12.95

Condor Hylocereus Hybrid Condor Hylocereus Hybrid $16.95

Connie Mayer Connie Mayer $12.95

Cosmic Charlie Cosmic Charlie $11.95

Costa Rican Sunset Costa Rican Sunset $11.95

Country Roads Country Roads $9.99

Dark Star Hylocereus Dark Star Hylocereus $12.95

David Bowie David Bowie $14.95

Delight Hylocereus Hybrid Delight Hylocereus Hybrid $11.95

El Grullo El Grullo $15.99

Florida Red Sweet Florida Red Sweet $12.95

Frankies Red Frankies Red $16.95

G 1 Hylocereus Clone From Guatemala G 1  Hylocereus Clone From Guatemala $13.95

Giant Giant $9.95

Giant Vietnamese Giant Vietnamese $9.99

Guyute Guyute $10.99

Haileys Comet Haileys Comet $12.95

Harpua Harpua $9.99

Hylocereus Bronxensis Hylocereus Bronxensis $13.95

Hylocereus Peruvianus Dragon Fruit Hylocereus Peruvianus Dragon Fruit $14.99

Hylocereus Polyrhizus Hylocereus Polyrhizus $10.95

Hylocereus Stenopterus In Dragon Fruit Catalog Hylocereus Stenopterus In Dragon Fruit Catalog $12.95

Jala Hylocereus Hybrid Jala Hylocereus Hybrid $11.95

Jamaican Red Jamaican Red $12.99

Kathie Van Arum Kathie Van Arum $11.95

Lake Atitlan Lake Atitlan $11.95

Lisa Lisa $11.95

Makisupa Makisupa $11.95

Mexicana Dragon Fruit Variety Mexicana Dragon Fruit Variety $12.99

Natural Mystic Natural Mystic $15.95

Neitzel Neitzel $12.95

Neon Dragon Fruit Var. Neon Dragon Fruit Var. $11.95

Nicaraguan Red Dragon Fruit Nicaraguan Red Dragon Fruit $11.95

Oblong Oblong $9.99

Orejona Orejona $12.95

Paisley Dragon Fruit Paisley Dragon Fruit $14.95

Palora From Ecuador Palora From Ecuador $59.99

Paul Thomsons 5 S Paul Thomsons 5 S $11.99

Paul Thomsons Number 7 Paul Thomsons Number 7 $12.95

Pepino Dulce Pepino Dulce $13.95

Physical Graffiti Physical Graffiti $14.95

Pink Panther Hylocereus Hybrid Pink Panther Hylocereus Hybrid $13.95

Purple Haze Hylocereus Hybrid Purple Haze Hylocereus Hybrid $15.95

Red Es 1 Red Es 1 $12.95

Red Jaina Red Jaina $10.99

Red Undatus Red Undatus $11.99

Rixford Hylocereus Rixford Hylocereus $13.95

Rosa Dragon Fruit Hybrid Rosa Dragon Fruit Hybrid $13.95

San Ignacio San Ignacio $11.95

Selenicereus Megalanthus Selenicereus Megalanthus $17.95

Seoul Kitchen Seoul Kitchen $12.95

Sin Espinas Sin Espinas $14.95

Sugar Dragon Aka Paul Thomsons 8 S Sugar Dragon Aka Paul Thomsons 8 S $14.95

Thai Yellow Thai Yellow $26.99

Thomson Thomson $9.95

Valdivia Roja Dragon Fruit Variety Valdivia Roja Dragon Fruit Variety $11.95

Vietnamese Giant Vietnamese Giant $12.99

Vietnamese Red Vietnamese Red $12.95

Vietnamese White Vietnamese White $11.95

Voodoo Child Voodoo Child $11.95

White Sapphire White Sapphire $12.95

Yellow Cross 68 Yellow Cross 68 $13.95

Zamorano Zamorano $11.95

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