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Join 'Epi-Cacti Forums' the fastest growing Epiphyte Cacti forum on the web!

Discussing all the Epis & Cacti varieties offered on the website and more! Growing techniques, Hybridizing, new bloom pictures, Gallery picture search, buy/sell & Trading portal, how to videos, multi-language translator so you can connect with growers worldwide! Get advice or help others just starting out growing too. All levels of growers are welcome to join! Sign up today, its FREE!

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Another great website to check out Daiv, runs this site. A great plant friend and spiny cactus lover-that sounds Ouchy!!! Well to each his own I guess. Great info on hard to id species of the entire cacti world and links to other sites. He also designs outstanding 5 star websites. See his web design site at: - Books on epis, cactus, succulents, ferns, orchids and more!

U.S.A. Epiphyllum Societies

ESA-Epiphyllum Society of America Website:
Epiphyllum Society of America P.O. Box 1395 Monrovia, CA 91017-1395

San Diego Epiphyllum Society website;
Post Office Box #126127 San Diego, CA 92112-6127
S.D.E.S. Map Click here for a map/driving directions to S.D.E.S. San Diego's Balboa park,Ca. USA

S.B.E.S. South Bay Epiphyllum Society, C/O Dr. Dick Kohlschreiber -
1801 West 27th, San Pedro, CA 90732-4601

S.F.E.S. San Francisco Epiphyllum Society-Website For e-mail C/O Mike Davis -
S.F.E.S. Map Click this link for a map to S.F.E.S.

Germany Epiphyllum Societies

AG „EPIG“-Interessengemeinschaft Epiphytische Kakteen Kontaktadresse: Prof. Dr. med. Jochen Bockemühl, Postfach 261551, 20505 Hamburg; Tel: 040- 4 28 45-72 01 FAX: 040- 42 845-7483 Emailadresse: Homepage:

New Zealand Epiphyllum Societies

Wellington Epiphyllum and Hoya Society P.O. Box 57-021 Mana 6230 New Zealand

Australian Epiphyllum Societies

Epiphyllum & Hoya Society of Australia, Secretary, Mr Ted Clapson, 51 Murrandah Ave., Camden.N.S.W. 2570. Australia. Phone, 02 46552540

Netherlands Epiphyllum Societies


Canadian Epiphyllum Societies

Currently on

French Epiphyllum Group

Currently on Yahoo groups
French Epi Group Yahoo French Epi group

michels french website on epiphytes

A Website devoted to the Epiphytic Cacti (Epiphyllum, Schlumbergera, Rhipsalidopsis, Aporophyllum, Rhipsalis and more ... ) ; this site is written by Michel Combernoux, a french collector, and contains more than 700 photos and many texts. You can read all the pages in three languages : English, French and Spanish.

UK Epiphyllum Group

Epiphytes- The Journal of the Epiphytic Plant Study Group

USA Hylocereus or Pitahya group on Yahoo

Hylocereus group moderated by Leo Manual
Pitahya or Hylocereus group

USA Echinopsis group on Yahoo

This group is focused on Echinopsis
Echinopsis group

Austrailian Cactus & Succulent Society

Ballarat Cactus & Succulent Society, also a picture gallery is located here of Joyce Carrs Epiphyllum, Aporophyllum and Schlumbergera Hybrids
Ballarat Cactus & Succulent Society

South African Epiphyllum Nursery

The Little Falls Epi Nursery
Located in Sundowner, Randburg, South Africa

Indian Society of Cacti and Succulents

India,New Delhi Affiliate Rep: Dr Ram Gandhi, 519 4485 E-mail Mitravas 20/78 Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi 110026 India President: Mr P. M. Mathai President's email: 9
Indian Society of Cacti and Succulents information page on C.S.S.A. website

Argentina Cactus Group

A Cactus & Succulent group Spanish based forum in Argentina
Foro especializado en cactus, suculentas y plantas en general

Chilean Cactus Group

A Cactus & Succulent group Spanish based forum in Chile
Foro especializado en cactus y suculentas en Chile

Plant Growth Hormone group on Yahoo

PLANT GROWTH group moderated by Michel
Plant science GROWTH HORMONE group

The banner link below will take you to our friend Karin's Epi site in Germany, lots of pictures for comparison and great info.
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For more pictures and info. on Mattslandscape visit our account at on

Container gardening ideas from

Orchid Bohemia Cactus - - cactus and succulent, books, journals, CD-ROMs, concentration, online fun, webhosting, free links, advertisements
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Gardens Directory. We are listed under Container Gardenscategory

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grey davis epis logo

Picture website of a Epiphyllum nursery here in California,USA. Unfortunately this Epi nursery is no longer operating, but theres several beautiful pictures located here of many Epiphyllum blooms to use for comparison.

loresco banner adeniums

nurseries online uk  pic4

Nurseries Online US - Garden Centre, Nursery and Gardening Directory. Includes Mail Order Nurseries, Wholesale Nurseries and Garden Centers

έναs Ελληνικός website και κάκτος φόρουμ
A Greek Cactus website and forum

Cultivar - is an e-magazine for amateurs who like exotic cacti. Photos, articles about cultivation and biology of plants, reviews of collections are published. Available in Russian and English. We welcome amateurs from all countries of the world.Cultivar

Heres a link to many Epi-Cacti Forum How To Videos

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