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Ordering Help and Policies

How To Order From Help & Info. Page

How To Order From

Help & Info. Page

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Place a mail-order directly to our walk in nursery
( Larger sizes maybe available for shipping to U.S. customers, click the link below or call one of our sales associates to check availability.)

Click to Visit Epicacti Nursery
Ph #(949) 355-6137
(leave us a message 24/7 we return all calls daily from 9am to 5pm pacific time)
The walk-in nursery is located at;
5051 2nd Street
Fallbrook, Ca. 92028
( Open most Saturdays for visiting 9am to 5pm, Sundays 10am to 3pm, click the link above for more info. and a google map.)

***UPDATE*** 8/29/14 The online BUY NOW buttons are temporarily disabled. With the largest online selection of Jungle Cacti worldwide keeping all in stock has been challenging. We are working hard to have all varieties available. Many that state out of stock maybe available and vis-a-versa for others showing in stock. Please call us to confirm availability.

  On this page you will find 1) Instructions on how to order online and by mail with a printable mail in order form, 2) shipping policies, rates and info., 3) package tracking link to, 4) a bloom size legend, 5) a currency, length and measurement converters. 6) Site search and item locator. 7) Email & contact info., also additional useful information or website tools including 8) The plant reservation system-for reserving items currently out of stock and 9) links to main web page info. sections contained in the website.

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How to order online Simply select the varieties you want from the catalog. The catalog is on the ← left margin of every web page. The catalog lists varieties or items by genera or type then there listed alphabetically by hybrid or sub species name. Most cuttings offered give a 20% discount if bought as a pair. Simply click buy 1 or click buy 2 (a pair) on each items individual catalog page, they will be stored in your shopping cart ( Note; your shopping cart is always visible at the bottom of the left margin if at least 1 item has been selected). Once you have selected all the varieties you want simply click proceed to checkout. Remember there is a $25.00 minimum order required before you can proceed to checkout.

Registering on the site; If you have never visited before you will need to register on the site providing your name, shipping address and contact info. but once you have completed this once, you can return and never need to fill in these fields again by simply using your log in name/password that you chose when registering, we will recognize you, saving the time required filling in this info. on any future visits. You will only need to fill in your credit card information as we do not store credit card info. for security reasons. Click submit and an e-mail confirmation of your order will be sent to you, followed by a shipping tracking number within a few days.

Please note; The online order system is unavailable Nov. thru Jan. as we are closed during this time of the year. Mail in orders received during this time are shipped the first weeks of Feb. printable mail order form

Printable Order Form

*Plant Genera abbreviations: Epiphyllum-Epi, Dragon Fruit-DF, Echinopsis-Ech, Tricocereus-Tri, Schlumbergera-Sch, Aporophyllum-AP, Rhipsalidopsis-Rhip, Chamaecereus-Cham
(For all other varieties please use the full Genera name so there is no confusion as several may have the same 2nd/hybrid name as another genera type.)
Quantity Genera or Plant Type *See abbreviations above "Hybrid" or 2nd Plant Name Price Each/ or A Pair Cost Subtotal Cost
EXAMPLE; 1)(2 Qty.) EXAMPLE;(Epiphyllum) Or abbreviate as Epi EXAMPLE;("Ambrosia") EXAMPLE; 4 cuts = 2 @Pair ($16.49) EXAMPLE;($32.98)
1)________ Genera;_______________ Hybrid/2nd name;____________________ $________ X= $________
2)________ Genera;_______________ Hybrid/2nd name;____________________ $________ X= $________
3)________ Genera;_______________ Hybrid/2nd name;____________________ $________ X= $________
4)________ Genera;_______________ Hybrid/2nd name;____________________ $________ X= $________
5)________ Genera;_______________ Hybrid/2nd name;____________________ $________ X= $________
6)________ Genera;_______________ Hybrid/2nd name;____________________ $________ X= $________
7)________ Genera;_______________ Hybrid/2nd name;____________________ $________ X= $________
8)________ Genera;_______________ Hybrid/2nd name;____________________ $________ X= $________
9)________ Genera;_______________ Hybrid/2nd name;____________________ $________ X= $________
10)________ Genera;_______________ Hybrid/2nd name;____________________ $________ X= $________
11)________ Genera;_______________ Hybrid/2nd name;____________________ $________ X= $________
12)________ Genera;_______________ Hybrid/2nd name;____________________ $________ X= $________

(this page) Subtotal $__________

(2nd page if any) Subtotal $__________

Sales Tax if residing in California x 8.00% $__________

( Use tables below to calculate) Shipping $__________

* see below ( Add Heat Pack if needed @ $2.50 ) Heat Pack $__________

Total $__________

*Required fields **Required for credit cards

*Name___________________________________________________*Date in M/D/YR format: ____/____/______

*Street Address________________________________________________

*City:______________________*State:____________*Zip Code:_________


* At least one phone contact # required below.

Home Phone:___________________

*Cell Phone:____________________
(If no cell phone please provide an alt. # where we can contact you about your order if needed.)

Work Phone:___________________

( Shipping tracking numbers will be sent to the email address you provide above.)

There are 2 options for sending your payment;

1) Pay by check or money order.

Make your check or M.O. made payable to; Epicacti Nursery then send along with this completed order form to the address below;

(Info; Epicacti Nursery is our main growing area nursery/pick up location, which if you are in the aera we welcome you to visit, open most Saturdays 9am to 5pm. Please note; All items displayed on our website are pick-up only in Fallbrook, California, USA)

Epicacti / Mattslandscape
555 N. El Camino Real
Bldg. #A Suite #250
San Clemente, Ca. 92672
( If sending from outside the U.S. remember to add U.S.A. at end of the address above.)

(Please note: Checks or International Money Orders must be in USD-U.S. Dollar denominated funds. Some out of state checks may take 5 to 10 days to process before order is shipped.)

2) Pay by credit card.

(Simply fill in the credit card info. below)

We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and Amex
Credit cards accepted by

**Name of person on card:________________________________ Check here if name is same as above

**Type; Visa MC Discover AMEX
(Check only one box above for CC type.)

**CC#____________________________________________**Exp. date M/YR_____/_____**CVC#_______
( Note: CC# is a 16 digit number on front, CVC is a 3 digit number on back of card.)

Notes/Comments section;____________________________________________________________


* Heat pack needed ? Yes, then please mark this box
(if order is under $50.00 USD value add $2.50 if order total is over $50.00 value excluding shipping costs heat packs are free of charge.)

Please mail this completed form to the address above.

Print order form
(Printer friendly version)

world shipping zones

Qty & Type to be shipped
ZONE 5 Puerto Rico
ZONE 6 Canada
ZONE 7 All other locations
*Minimum shipping charge* 1 up to 3 Epiphyllum cuttings $5.95 $5.95 $6.15 $6.55 $8.95 $12.95 Order up to 6 for same cost $15.95
4 up to 6 Epiphyllum cuttings $7.45 $7.95 $8.15 $8.95 $8.95 $12.95 $15.95
7 up to 12 Epiphyllum cuts $8.95 $9.95 $10.15 $12.45 $20.95 Flat rate box $32.95 $45.95
13 up to 32 Epiphyllum cuts if value exceeeds $100 USD Shipping is FREE within lower 48 U.S. atates $10.95 $15.95 $16.95 $18.95 $20.95 Flat Rate box $45.95 $49.95
Over 32 Epiphyllum cuttings if value exceeeds $100 USD Shipping is FREE within lower 48 U.S. states Free Shipping Free Shipping Free Shipping Free Shipping Call us as depends on weight Call us as depends on weight Call us as depends on weight
1 up to 3 Dragon Fruit cuttings $8.95 $9.95 $10.15 $14.45 $20.95 Flat rate box $45.95 $49.95
4 up to 12 Dragon Fruit cuttings if value exceeeds $200 USD Shipping is FREE within lower 48 US states (Can be combined with Epiphyllum cuttings) 11.95 13.95 15.95 20.95 $20.95 Flat Rate box $49.95 $54.95 up to 6 Add $24.95 for 7 up to 12 (Total=$79.90)
Echinopsis & Tricho. small pups (For larger sizes call or e-mail us) *Minimum shipping* + add $1.00 for each one to be shipped. *Minimum shipping* + add $2.00 for each one to be shipped. *Minimum shipping* + add $3.00 for each one to be shipped. *Minumum shipping* + add $4.00 for each one to be shipped. $32.95 up to 6 $54.95 up to 6 $54.95 up to 6
Epiphyllum & Schlumbergera small plants *Minimum shipping* + add $1.00 for each *Minimum shipping* + add $1.50 for each *Minimum shipping* + add $2.00 for each *Minumum shipping* + add $2.50 for each $16.95 + add $2.50 for each N/A unable to ship plants with roots outside US N/A Unable to ship plants with roots outside US
Schlumbergera cuts up to 3 $5.95 $5.95 $6.15 $6.55 $8.95 $15.95 $15.95
4 up to 6 Schlumbergera cuttings $7.45 $7.95 $8.15 $8.95 $9.95 $32.95 $32.95
Supplies-soil mix, fertilizer, etc. (up to 6 epiphyllum or schlumbergera cuts can be added, 3 dragon fruit within U.S. & P.R. only) $16.95 flat rate box $16.95 flat rate box $16.95 flat rate box $16.95 flat rate box $20.95 flat rate box $45.95 $45.95

Remote areas/ Locations Some remote areas located far outside large cities or metro areas in zones (4 & 6)- Alaska and Canada may require additional shipping cost, if additional shipping funds are required we will e-mail you if the cost is more than $5.00 additional when a credit card is given. Some countries we are unable to ship to or we may only be able to ship limited item types such as cuttings only or smaller dry good type supplies. For shipping costs on odd items, irregular sizes or unusual sized items see the items shipping cost in the online-catalog to calculate the exact shipping cost.

Large specimen sized plants We can ship these only to locations within the U.S. only, many specimen sized plants such as large blooming sized Epiphyllums or Trichocereus are available but you will need to e-mail us for both availability and exact shipping costs as each specimen sized plant is unique in overall size and weight. If you live in Southern California or are visiting you can also always pick them up at the nursery in Fallbrook, California, U.S.A.

For pick up at the nursery Visit the Epicacti Nursery website for driving directions and general info. The nursery is open most Saturdays 9am to 5pm except for the months of Nov., Dec. and Jan. Open by appointment at other times. Visit the nursery website @ Epicacti Nursery for more info.

Free shipping within the U.S. for cuttings only Excludes all plants, including pups or any Echinopsis offsets if offered due to higher shipping weights. Get free shipping within the lower 48 U.S. states, see this page for full discount details on orders that may qualify. Free shipping details.

Prices are in USD All prices on the website are in U.S. Dollars (USD), Below is an easy to use currency converter for your convienance,to convert your countries currency into USD. As currency markets have been very turbulent recently the amount you send in USD must be close to the conversion rate of the date of mailing your order-plus or minus not to exceed more than 3%.

Shipping & Tracking your package Please use the link below to track your package, most packages will not show any results until they reach a main hub or major city near your location. International packages tend to have tracking info. once there loaded onto a plane and are ready to depart the U.S. like JFK or Los angeles international airports or reach a main hub or large city near you.

Shipping by

(Have the tracking number ready that was e-mailed to you.)

We ship twice each week during the season usually Mondays and Wednesdays, or even more often if nessary in peak season (March thru Sept.). Once a week in winter months. Sometimes we get backlogged with orders in peak season and if it’s a longer delay than usual we will always send free extras due to any excess delay.

Cold locations & Heat Packs If your climate is below freezing temps, we can provide a heat pack, but you need to let us know in the notes section of your order. We check weather regularily to various cold climate locations before shipping but if you live in a location with a very high elevation in relation to your general area please let us know or other circumstances unknown to us can always be included in the notes/comments section provided online or by mail in form. Heat packs last several days and are free for any order over $50.00 USD, otherwise there’s a $2.50 cost for the heat pack. You can purchase one for each shipment in the supplies section or simply add $2.50 to the mail in order form above if your order is less than $50.00 USD.

My shipping charge seems incorrect? If your shipping charges seem incorrect, just let us know by email or phone. It is not our intention to make any profit on shipping costs, but as we sell many different sized items it’s difficult to have exact costs automatically for all items combined for every destination around the world, occasionally we may even require additional shipping costs and will e-mail or call you if thats the case. We ship by the United States postal service, primarily priority mail service & International Priority, but occasionally by parcel post if more feasible for non perishable type items such as soil mix, tags, fertilizer and other supplies. If your shipping charges ever seem incorrect just contact us.

How are Large and Small plants shipped? All plants (with roots) are only available within the U.S. and most are shipped almost bareroot with minumum soil attached to both reduce shipping weight and so as not to have uneven weight in the shipping box (lopsided). With excess soil included they could flip inside the box and the fragile stems could easily become smashed.

Large specimen sized Epiphyllum, Dragon Fruit & Schlumbergera plants are often actually several plants in one pot so they maybe divided into 2, 3 or even up yo 4 sections and then shipped all together in one box or more with markings on each individually wrapped section with the name clearly marked and as example; 1 of 3, 2 of 3 and 3 of 3 etc.

Some Epiphyllum and Dragon Fruit plants could have stems over 38" long (.9652m) which is the limit of our long tube boxes so in that case we try to fold over any stems beyond that length but should any stems happen to break they will always be included as (cuttings) and clearly marked and dated.

Echinopsis and Trichocereus in particular can get very large in height and width so we are limited to 36" L by 6" in diameter. If your looking for larger plants we do have them available but you would need to pick them up at the nursery.

Pots are not included as there sizes and shapes are often irregular so instead all rooted/soil sections are wrapped in durable plastic bags to keep the roots hydrated. If you purchase any plants you will want to have a pot and soil-mix ready prior to receiving them. Most plants have been in our soil mix several months, so they will grow better if replanted with fresh soil-mix anyways.

We can even send you freshly made dry soil mix separately in a flat rate box if you are unable to locate soil mix ingreadiants easily at your location, but due to soil mixes being excessive in weight and possible flipping if shipped with plants, fresh soil mixes are shipped separately and often by parcel post to reduce your shipping cost. See the supplies section in the online catalog for different soil mixes we offer. We also have several easy to follow soil mix recipes available for free online just check out the soil mix formulas area linked above or go to the growing page section to make your own soil mix in bulk and see a step by step video of how to make soil mix.

Our promise to you We don’t sell any Epiphyllums or other type plant genera varieties that are not grown and or bloomed by us. We do not buy plants from others and then resell them to you. We also do not grow/sell any vegitive cuttings produced on grafts, although we may offer whole or entire grafted plants as a sort of oddity like 3 varieties in one grafted to Opuntia or other grafted stock plants available as a whole entire plant only. These oddities are only available for pick up at the nursery in Fallbrook, Ca. USA. *Bloom pictures shown on the website* We do not use bloom pictures supplied by others unless its a partners pictures who is also supplying the cuttings or plants by way of us. If a partner is suppling the cuttings it is clearly stated in the varieties description. We do not use pictures taken at a garden club or societies flower show event or use pictures simply found on the internet and our tagging/marking is 100% correct. So the bloom picture shown is exactly what you will receive guaranteed or your money back. Some in our online catalog may not have bloom pictures as of yet so please consider these as unknown even though we believe the hybrid name to be correct, but without a bloom picture shown of our own we cannot make any guarantees on varieties not showing you a bloom photo. If we ever make a mistake on your order please let us know and we will gladly fix it for you ASAP!

How do i find the variety i'm looking for? On the left margin of every webpage the different plant generas are listed in alphabetical order in the online catalog. Currently we offer over 2163 varieties to chose from, up from 2,059 of the last update. We offer the largest online selection of Epiphyllum hybrids and hundreds more of other plant varieties. With over 20,000 Epiphyllum varieties in existance and 10,000s more in Echinopsis, Dragon fruit and Schlumbergera no one grows them all, but we regularily add new varieties almost weekly, so please check back often for the variety you may be looking for.

Still cannot find the variety your looking for? Try our search engine

With so many varieties that we grow and offer and with even more added every week some varieties can still be hard to find on the website so here is an easy to use search engine by JRank for your convienance to find the varieties your looking for on the website.

(Hint; search using the plant genera name first for best results as all plants are listed by genera name first then by there hybrid name or sub-species name listed 2nd.)

Example; ( Epiphyllum Acapulco Sunset ).

Search the entire Mattslandscape website now

One of the many bloom slideshow galleries on the Mattslandscape website
( This one is displaying Schlumbergera blooms )
mattslandscape's Holiday cacti album on Photobucket

Bloom Size Legend

* XXS-Very tiny 1/4 inch to 1/2 (.635-1.27 cm)
( XXS-mostly species of various jungle cacti or cactus genera types other than Epiphyllum such as Rebutia, Rhipsalis or Lepismium)

* Mini or XS- Extra small under 2 inches (1.27-5.08 cm)

* S- Small 2 and up to 3-1/2 inches (5.08-8.89 cm)

* SM- Small to Medium 3-1/2 to 4-1/2 inches (8.89-11.43 cm)

* M-Medium 4-1/2 to 6 inches (11.43-15.24 cm)

* ML- Medium-Large 6 to 7 inches (15.24-17.78 cm)

* L- Large 7 to 8-1/2 inches (17.78-21.59 cm)

* XL- 8-1/2 to 10 inches (21.59-25.04 cm)

* XXL- 10 to 15 inches + and up (25.04-38.01+ cm)

Measurement converter

Below is a size/length converter to convert all sizes listed in the catalog and growing info. webpages of the Mattslandscape website that may still be in standard American measurement units only.


Cutting sizes Cuttings unless noted are a minumum 6-8" inches Long, depending on the variety and availability they can be much larger than 8" but are at a minimum at least 6" to 8" inches, depending on availability many are often much larger if available. On occasion with some thinner stems types we may send very long stems or multibranches such as Schlumbergera varieties and some small or narrow growth type Epiphyllums, Rhipsalis or Lepismium varieties (since small stem sections or segments tend to dry out faster in shipping/transit), but we will always include a note to cut these in half or divide into smaller segments in order to root successfully if we deem it nessary. All our cuttings are of the highest quality with over 90% of the cuttings we send often as tip cuttings, giving you more possibilities of emerging new growth from both the tip of the stems and side growth. All cuttings are dated on the stem at or close to the time of shipping, so there fresh when you receive them and ready to plant.

( Below are examples of typical Epiphyllum cuttings you will receive.)
Typical Epiphyllum cutting sizes

How to contact Mattslandscape If any questions about your order or if you need help growing any variety please contact by submitting the contact form below.
Please provide the info. below:

Your full name:

General location; US state or country:

Your return email or phone #:

Message topic:

Your message:

Email us anytime 24/7 from anywhere around the world, We usually respond right away or within 24 hours or less during the week and most weekends.On major U.S. holidays we may not respond imeadiatly, but still would like to hear from you so on holidays a 48 hour response may be likely. Dont worry we return every e-mail as every one is very important to us.

By mail correspondance
Mail to;

555 N. El Camino Real
Bldg. #A Suite #250
San Clemente, Ca. 92672

Is the variety you're looking for out of stock? Sorry we are out of stock we work very hard to have all the varieties in stock all the time, but with so many we currently grow and new varieties regurily being added its very difficult to have them all in stock all the time. Try our new Plant or cuttings Reservation system to reserve the varieties you have been looking for. We will e-mail you once they becomes available again.

Click here to visit the 'Plant Reservation System'

Like an easy way to stay connected to Epicacti websites? Although the website already hosts S.B.E.S. one of four U.S.A. based Epiphyllum societies on this website server you can easily stay connected to all four US based Epiphyllum Societies; S.B.E.S. S.D.E.S., E.S.A. and S.F.E.S. along with European based Epiphyllum societies such as EPIG a German Epiphyllum society + more websites such as Epicacti Forums and Epiforums, Epitv-(videos on YouTube), several bloom picture sharing groups of-Epiphyllum, Schlumbergera, Dragon Fruit, Aporophyllum and Echinopsis bloom groups on Flickr, photo galleries of Epiphyllum blooms including Grey/Davis and the Joyce Carr galleries also get our latest tweets, your local weather, even pick your own radio stations or other add on gadgets such as local news and Tv, have access to a robust Epiphyte cactus optomized search engine, quik links to other epiphyte cacti groups on Yahoo Groups and more in a small and easy to use browser toolbar. The virus free download link is below and the best part is it's absolutely free! Works on all major web browser platforms including; Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Provided by
Simply click the picture link below to get started

Another one of the many bloom slideshow galleries on the Mattslandscape website
( This one is showing a small chronological sampling of whats in bloom weekly at the nursery )

What is EpiTV ? Its our sponsored YouTube channel where you can see many Epiphytic cacti and cactus 'how to videos', flower shows, garden tours, lectures, garden events and more! Click the link below to check out EpiTv today and if you decide to subscribe to the channel you will receive automatic updates for free when new videos are released. Subscriptions to EpiTV are absolutely free!

EpiTV Visit this channel today!

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